• Organic & eco-friendly fibers

    Organic & eco-friendly...

    Products made from organic cotton or alternate eco-friendly fibers (linen, hemp, banana, bamboo, wood fibers - modal, viscose...) or using eco-friendly processes.

  • Social commitment

    Social commitment

    Products manufactured under high social standards, whether it's in Europe, in the brand's country, or in developing countries with specific fair-trade conditions. Products contributing to maintaining know-hows. Brands promoting the inclusion of disabled or socially fragile workers.

  • Vegan


    Tous les produits sans matière d'origine animale, dont certains certifiés par PETA
  • Charity contribution

    Charity contribution

    Brands donating to charities related to social or environmental issues, to make your purchase more meaningful! 

  • "Happy Sheep" label

    "Happy Sheep" label

  • Recyling, upcycling

    Recyling, upcycling

    Our products turning waste into wonderful new stuff!