• ABCL Japan

    ABCL Japan

    A superb brand, founded by 2 Italian guys, one leaving in Tokyo and one in Venice. It brings together the best of these 2 great countries, working with gorgeous Japanese fabrics, and producing in the best local traditions of both Japan and Italy. 

  • COF Studio

    COF Studio

    COF Studio is a Swedish label created by Per Fredriksson. After 30 years in the business, this denim fan founded his own label, working only with the best partners he has met over the years, mostly in Italy: the best factories, fabrics, and people - hence the name COF, for Circle Of Friends.

  • Colorful Standard

    Colorful Standard

    Unisex basic styles in a variety of colors, all organic and made in Portugal. And 5% donated to charities.

  • Corridor


    Corridor is a pure new-york brand, in spirit and design. The founder’s central focus is to design clothes that are not led by trends, but by fit, quality and character. Corridor is about capturing New York’s vibrant culture in their clothes and stitching them into their garments. It's made in USA, India or Honduras, always under social and environmental strict conditions.

  • Country of Origin

    Country of Origin

    An English knitwear bran specialist, offering strong colours, quality yarns, various textures, and a fully fashioned range of knitwear designed and made by skilled craftsmen in South London.

  • De Bonne Facture

    De Bonne Facture

    This young French brand’s name reflects its philosophy: « De bonne facture » is an old idiomatic meaning « made with great care ». Founder Deborah Neuberg handpicks the best French workshops in every technique to bring her very own vision of men’s clothing classics to life: Fileuse d’Arvor in Brittany for knitwear, Confections du Boischaut Nord in the Loire Valley for shirts, etc.

    The best fabrics are combined with the greatest care in design, cut and sewing, as well as revived forgotten techniques – like pastel dying – to offer a gorgeous high-end men’s wardrobe.

  • Dedicated


    A Swedish streetwear brand combining cool creations by numerous designers and artists, great collaborations, and ethical production with 100% fairtrade organic cotton, and recycled PET. 


    Cette marque belge propose des gourdes isothermes simples et efficaces, fabriquées éthiquement.
  • Elvis & Kresse

    Elvis & Kresse

    Since 2006, this British brand creates accessories exclusively made from recycled material, starting with London Fire Brigade’s decommissioned fire-hose! The brand also works with parachute silk, leather scraps, coffee or tea trading sacks, shoe boxes…

    The brand also gives part of their profit to various charities, mainly Fire Fighters Charity.



    Des parfums à base de produits naturels et durables, créés par des grands nez, fabriqués en France... et dépouillés des coûts marketing démesurés de la haute parfumerie, pour vous être proposés au meilleur prix

    La marque britannique Far Afield associe un style British et des touches exotiques, avec une production garantie sweatshop-free au Sri Lanka (label Garment without guilt) et en Turquie, et une démarche de plus en plus eco-friendly au fil des saisons (réduction du plastique, coton Better Cotton Initiative, bio etc...)
  • Haikure


    This Italian denim brand has placed sustainability at the heart of its business model, using recycled and organic materials, natural dyes, and developing greener production process that among other things save a lot of water. The  brand ensures full product tracking  thanks to a QR code on every label, that give you access to the product’s full story. And it’s made in Italy.

  • Hemen


    Based in Biarritz (in the South-West of France), this brand creates longl-asting comfortable men's undies. Both the selection of fabrics and the Portugal-based production are made with the greatest care.

  • Herr Pong Berlin

    Herr Pong Berlin

    A Berlin-based Hong Kong craftsman, handcrafting small leather goods, among which these nice and fun keychains!

  • Howlin'


    Howlin’ is an Antwerp based knitwear brand. Since 1981 they have been producing quality knitwear in Scotland and in 2009 they launched their new label Howlin’. Howlin’ stands for timeless, playful products that are made with care.

    All products are either made in Scotland, Ireland or Belgium using high quality yarns.

    For spring summer their collection includes lighter weight knitwear, jersey and towel t-shirts.
 All made in Belgium with a smile. 



    Fondée pour produire les premiers équipements de baseball japonais, cette marque s'est rapidement imposée comme une référence dans le monde du sport, et par extension dans les pièces casual et homewear.


    Jagvi is a French brand based in the Alps since 2011. It crafts classic designs in great European and Japanese fabrics.

  • JBJ


    Cette marque néerlandaise propose des pièces brodées main dans la tradition indienne, avec des motifs modernes et ludiques.
  • Jo Gordon

    Jo Gordon

    This Scottish brand of knitted accessories is named after its founder, a lover of local craftsmanship. She uses the unique knowledge of local knitting mills to produce high quality scarves, hats and gloves, giving a twist to classics or reinventing traditional techniques. Simply beautiful.



    Cette superbe marque écossaise revisite le workwear, avec des matières et une fabrication le plus souvent locales

  • KikaNY


    Fascinated by leather craftsmanship, Kika Vliegenthart and Sabine Spanjer dropped their careers as documentary film maker and TV editor to create their own brand in 2009. Trained by legendary smith Barbara Shaum, who has worked for the most prestigious brands for decades, they handcraft their products in Brooklyn from the best Italian and US leathers, and from metal pieces sourced in a British family-owned foundry. Their love for quality fabrics and work give birth to a superb leather goods range. bien bien habillés is proud to offer a selection of KikaNY’s belts and bracelets.

  • Knowledge Cotton Apparel

    Knowledge Cotton Apparel

    This Danish brand is a pioneer of green fashion, having started to use organic cotton as soon as the late 80s. Today, it uses only organic cotton, « happy sheep » wool, recycled plastic bottles, harmless dyes… Production is conducted under fair relationships with trusted workshops in Portugal, India, or  China (for PET). Knowledge works whenever possible with local raw materials to limit transport. This brand is one of the very best in guaranteeing high social and environmental standards.

  • Krama Studio

    Krama Studio

    This design studio based in Athens offers a beautiful range of aluminium and brass pens, with a great hand finish, and a local sourcing. 

  • La Paz

    La Paz

    Since 2011, this Portuguese brand is rooted, like Portugal itself, in the ocean heritage, taking inspiration from nautical life and sea faring. Their clothes mix classic garments with playful details and solid local craftsmanship.

  • Laperruque


    Jeune marque de maroquinerie artisanale française, Laperruque propose des produits épurés qui vous accompagneront très longtemps !
  • Livid


    Livid is a Norwegian label, creating durable garments made in Norway or Portugal in small family-owned factories, from the best fabrics - often Japanese. The brand is a specialist of high end jeans. 

  • Marie Leberquier Tote Bags

    Marie Leberquier Tote...

    Organic cotton tote bags featuring portraits of movie and music icons painted by artist Marie Leberquier



    Merola was founded in 1885, and still is one of the most acclaimed glove makers in Italy after 4 generations. Every pair of gloves is hand crafted in Naples, Italy, using the best leathers and cashmeres.

  • Monsieur Etienne

    Monsieur Etienne

    Des nœuds papillon faits main, en petites séries, à partir de chutes de tissus. Pour voir les modèles disponibles, passez en boutique ou écrivez-nous à


    Marque historique française créée en 1913, Mont St Michel maintient un savoir-faire incontournable en matière de maille et de vêtements de travail.
  • Mosca


    Mosca is a brand by MCR, a family business founded in Treviso, Italia, in 1973. It offers shirts that are cut, sewn and finished by hand, following the tradition
    of Italian custom tailoring, in the company’s workshop. Each season, it offers a wide selection of high quality fabrics, available in various cuts, including the signature « Pocket » style, which has a chest pocket that can be turned into a pocket square just by reversing it.
    bien bien habillés is the only French retailer of the brand!

  • Norwegian Rain

    Norwegian Rain

    Born in Europe’s rainiest city (Bergen, Norway), Norwegian Rain creates outerwear which combine high performance, sustainability and absolute elegance: made of fully recycled high tech Japanese fabrics, they ensure the best possible protection against wind and rain. Design is superb and timeless. A Norwegian Rain product definitely is an investment, protecting you over time with amazing style and efficiency. Made in Poland.

  • Nudie Jeans

    Nudie Jeans

    Une marque de jeans et de vêtements urbains suédoise, engagée dans une démarche écologique poussée, n'utilisant que du coton bio, des fibres recyclées...


    This young French label carefully crafts pieces inspired by classic workwear in France and Portugal.



    This German brand creates very functional backpacks made from recycled bottles and handmade in Vietnam under high social standards.

  • RIZ


    This British brand makes high-end bathing suits 100% from recycled plastic. Each pair sold contributes to the protection of the oceans.

  • RoToTo


    This Japanese brand crafts  gorgeous socks and hats in Nara on old traditional machines. Fabrics are organic, high-end and super comfy.

  • Royalties


    Founded in 2011 by 2 French designers, Royalties offers socks combining Anglo-Saxon classic patterns with a French twist. Products are 100% made in France from the best French and Italian yarns, by a family-held specialist workshop passing its know-how on since 1938. All products meet the standards of the Oeko tex CQ873/2 norm, guaranteeing only harmless dyes are used.

  • Stepart


    Stepart est un label français dont les modèles sont tous créés en collaboration avec des artistes. Tous les produits sont fabriqués au Portugal et imprimés en France. Le contrôle qualité et a logistique sont confiés à une entreprise adaptée et solidaire, donnant accès à l'emploi à des personnes handicapées.
  • Studio Jolene Jolene

    Studio Jolene Jolene

    Jolene, a young woman from Hong-Kong, handcrafts each of these pieces from up cycled plastic bags. Each item is one-of-a-kind !



    Thinking Mu is a Spanish brand working under high social and environmental standards, using organic cotton, hemp, banana fiber...

  • VEJA


    La marque française éthique de chaussures fabriquées au Brésil qu'on ne présente plus !
  • Welter Shelter

    Welter Shelter

    Cette marque néerlandaise développe des manteaux alliant performance et légèreté grâce à des matériaux isolants de pointe. Pour être au chaud et au sec sans s'alourdir !